What are the CMC courses like?

At the CMC, you take a break from typical academia and explore your passion for music. This means no tests, quizzes, papers or written final exams – just hands-on experience, all day long. The end of semester Road Tour is, in effect, the final exam.

You meet with industry professionals and hear their stories. You write songs that are critiqued. You design stage plots like the pros. You mix and record. You practice and perform.

We believe that the more “hats” you wear, the better your employment opportunities. So, everyone student in the program has a basic understanding of every area of the music industry. To that end, the Core classes and afternoon practicums explore common areas in each of the tracks. For example, everyone learns how to use compression and equalization; not just the techs. For the Artists, this understanding make them better prepared to communicate with FOH and monitor engineers. Business students, who end up managing acts, will know if their artist’s recorded demos have been properly mastered and so on.

What if I don't know what track to do?

Something to keep in mind: Business and Tech students will have opportunities to play with artists on recordings and in live performances. Artist students will learn the business and tech aspects of the music industry as well. So go for your dream and don’t worry – we’ve got you covered on all sides!

And if you still can’t decide - give us a call and we’ll walk you through it! (615) 499-4378.

What is "the practicum"?

All of your hard work is in preparation for the CMC Tour at the end of the semester - your capstone experience! Students and staff will hit the road for a week-long tour as you produce nightly performances on your home campuses – every detail planned, prepared and executed by you. Business students run logistics, marketing, and all day-to-day details of the tour, Artist students perform, and the Technical students run all things “technical”.


What does CMC housing look like?

Students live in the Brentwood Apartment complex, right across the street from the Contemporary Music Center. This is only 15 minutes from downtown and the airport. Each apartment has 2 to 3 bedrooms (living with 4-5 others).

The apartments are outfitted just like typical dorm rooms: beds, desks, dressers, couches, a table and chairs. Each fully furnished apartment features a full kitchen with basic supplies, a washer and dryer, wireless internet and free access to the fitness center and swimming pool.

Living in community is a vital part of the CMC experience - you will live, work & learn with your peers. Residence life activities include social events and weekly community meals. Students prepare most of their own meals, but some apartments use this as an opportunity to dine communally and connect with each other at the end of long days!

 What does a typical day at the CMC look like?

A typical day might include…

  • 9:15am: Core Class

  • 10:30 - 12p: Artist, Tech, and Business elective classes

  • Afternoon: studio time, rehearsals, guest speakers

  • Thursdays: SHOW DAY; begins with a line check, then afternoon sound check, then CMC LIVE show in the evening

  • Fridays: GAME TAPE; review of Thursday night show, followed by community lunch and then back to writing, recording, rehearsing, etc. over the weekend


Who teaches and works at CMC?

CMC’s faculty members are all still working professionals in every area of the industry. Each day they bring that experience back into the classroom. Your two administrative staff have masters in Higher Education and have been working with college students for almost a decade.



What are CMC alumni doing in the music industry?

Over 100 of our alumni live in the Nashville area, ready to collaborate and help plug you into the music industry. The alumni community you join is one of the hidden gems of your CMC experience!

Our CMC alumni are currently working in every aspect of the industry as studio musicians, songwriters, music journalists, artist managers, road managers, touring artists, lighting directors, studio engineers and talent coordinators.

We have alumni working with: Hillary Scott, U2, Rend Collective, Beyonce, Building 429, Scotty McCreery, Simon Cowell, Lauren Daigle, Matt Maher, 44 Designs, Capitol CMG, Fair Trade Music Services, BMI, CTS Audio, as well as at countless churches, theaters, and performing arts centers across the United States.